Welcome to Collinwood Connects, brought to you by Greater Collinwood Development Corporation. Through this exciting new program, we’ll be giving residents and community stakeholders an opportunity to propose creative solutions to improving quality of life in the neighborhood.



Collinwood Connects is a community engagement campaign coordinated by Greater Collinwood Development Corporation, committed to building connectedness through fun and meaningful community-based events. Collinwood Connects builds trust and community pride by giving voice to its residents and facilitating action and change throughout Greater Collinwood. Created in 2018, it aims to enhance the quality of life and unite Greater Collinwood residents.

8 teams of five will compete for 2 fun-filled nights this fall. Each team will win a micro-grant for a project that makes a positive impact on the community, 3rd place prize $500, 2nd place prize $2,000 and 1st place prize $4,000. Participants must live and projects must take place in Greater Collinwood (Collinwood, Nottingham Village, Euclid Green and Glenville-East). Applications are due Friday, September 6th by 12pm.

This project is possible thanks to generous funding from Cleveland Neighborhood Progress through their Neighborhood Solutions Award.